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The Heart Of The Village

An integral part of the Village of Tannin, the Town Center revives the Main Street atmosphere found in small towns around the South and the world. Homeowners in Tannin can experience the forgotten pleasures of small town life by walking or bicycling to the nearby shops and businesses which locate in the Town Center. A cup of coffee at a sidewalk café. Leisurely reading a newspaper while sitting on a comfortable park bench. Absorbing the aromas from a nearby bakery. Listening to a musician who is softly playing on a street corner. Buying a hotdog with all its trimmings from a pushcart. All are possibilities with the pedestrian-friendly intimacy found in the Town Center.




The festive atmosphere in the town center will create a focal point not only for the village of Tannin but the surrounding community as well. The Town Center will provide what’s missing from this popular resort area –a pleasant open air gathering place where the visitor can eat, shop, relax, be entertained and meet others.

The Town Center is designed to combine various uses in a dynamic fashion. At street level, retail stores, restaurants and service establishments face the square. Residences above the stores can occupy the second and third levels. The architectural variations which result when each owner designs their own building in the Town Center will result in a visual richess. Tannin’s Codes ensure a harmony in appearance among the different buildings.

The main action in the Town Center is the Square with its captivating dry deck display fountain of “dancing water”. At night, white light and laser lights positioned in the fountain fill the air with brilliant glasslike tubes and balls of water giving the appearance of liquid fireworks.

The adjacent pump house shelters five variable speed pumps, a sophisticated water purification system and the four computers that direct the artistic display of water from the fountain. This small building is topped by a dove cote which provides a sanctuary for the birds. The roof is individual copper shingles. The outer walls of the pump house are layered with marble dust similar to that used on ancient Greek temples. The Aegean Center of Fine Arts in Greece recently revived the ancient technique and it is believed that Tannin’s pump house is the only building in the U. S. to use this finish. All the marble for the square’s compass rose and the pump house was imported by Tannin from a quarry on a small Greek island that was favored by ancient sculptors. The famous Venus de Milo statue is made from the same marble.

Numerous benches are placed around the square for comfortable seating. The benches on the Tannin Square are the same benches used in New York’s Central Park.



The Town Center will be a mix of owner occupied live/work units as well as buildings owned by Tannin. This exceptional building is proposed for the east side of the Town Square. It will be a mix of restaurants, shops, offices, lofts, meeting rooms and courtyards. The large oval opening on the right side leads through the building to a second square on the other side of the building.

"The just-completed town square at Tannin promises to be the most elegant on the entire Gulf Coast—not excluding the Mexican plazas. When the surrounding buildings are completed, it will be the premier place for social gathering outdoors. And it will be blessedly free of the commercial hyperactivity that blights the rest of the Alabama resorts."

Andres Duany