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Location: On the Gulf of Mexico, near the Alabama/Florida state line, on Highway 182 between the resort communities of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama. Boulevard) Orange Beach, Alabama.

Size: 60 acres of native dunes with century old oak trees, spongy clumps of reindeer moss and fragrant mounds of wild rosemary.

Tannin is bordered on the north by the 6,000 acre Gulf State Park with its amazing diversity of habitats and on the south by the Gulf of Mexico

Planners: Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk of Miami.

Founder: George Gounares

Owner: Tannin, Inc.

Name: Tannin, the ingredient which gives coffee and tea their rich color, seeps into the lakes of this area and creates the dark, coffee-colored water. The Village of Tannin was named for this naturally occurring phenomenon.

Codes: The goal in Tannin is not to build houses but to build a community. Each house in Tannin has a responsibility to do its part in creating the community. To accomplish this, a set of codes or guidelines has been established that govern the details of buildings and how they relate to reach other.
In order to build a community with a strong sense of place, each building has a responsibility to do its’ part in creating the community. The Urban Code for Tannin governs this responsibility and it governs the relationship between the individual house and the community. The Architectural Code ensures traditional materials and detailing.